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  1. Buyers Are Looking Now. Are You Ready to List Your Home?

    Inventory on the market today is low, especially among existing homes in the entry and middle-level tiers of the market. It is hovering well below the 6-month supply typically found in a more normal market, as shown in the graph below:With inventory being one of the biggest housing market challen…Read More

  2. Buyer Demand Growing in Every Region

    Buyers are out in full force this fall, increasing the demand for homebuying in all four regions of the country. According to the latest ShowingTime Showing Index, “Home showing activity was up again nationwide with a 4.6 percent rise in traffic, as the traditionally slow fall season began with a…Read More

  3. Planning on Buying a Home? Be Sure You Know Your Options

    When you’re ready to buy, you’ll need to determine if you prefer the charm of an existing home or the look and feel of a newer build. With limited existing home inventory available today, especially in the starter and middle-level markets, many buyers are considering a new home that’s recent…Read More

  4. How to Determine If You Can Afford to Buy a Home

    How to Determine If You Can Afford to Buy a Home The gap between the increase in personal income and residential real estate prices has been used to defend the concept that we are experiencing an affordability crisis in housing today. It is true that home prices and wages are two key elements in any…Read More

  5. 5 Tips for Starting Your Home Search

    In today’s market, low inventory dominates the conversation in many areas of the country. It can often be frustrating to be a first-time homebuyer if you aren’t prepared. Here are five tips from’s article, “How to Find Your Dream Home—Without Losing Your Mind.” 1. Get Pre-…Read More

  6. 3 Reasons to Use a Real Estate Pro in a Complex Digital World

    If you’re searching for a home online, you’re not alone; lots of people are doing it. The question is, are you using all of your available resources, and are you using them wisely? Here’s why the Internet is a great place to start the home-buying process, and the truth on why it should never b…Read More

  7. Homeownership is the Top Contributor to Your Net Worth

    Many people plan to build their net worth by buying CDs or stocks, or just having a savings account. Recently, however, Economist Jonathan Eggleston and Survey Statistician Donald Hays, both of the U.S. Census Bureau, shared the biggest determinants of wealth, “The biggest determinants of h…Read More

  8. How Does the Supply of Homes for Sale Impact Buyer Demand?

    The price of any item is determined by supply, as well as the market’s demand for the item. The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) surveys “over 50,000 real estate practitioners about their expectations for home sales, prices and market conditions” for their monthly REALTORS Confide…Read More

  9. Welcome Travis Striggle

    Indiana Home Experts is excited to welcome the newest real estate agent to our award-winning team, Travis Striggle. Each of our Fort Wayne Realtors have found personal success and have contributed to the $34 million sold in real estate in 2016. As Indiana’s Top Rated® Local real estate agencies, …Read More